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Look out for these common traps

Look out for these common traps

A common trap that people fall into when building a personal brand.

Is that they put in all the time and effort to make amazing content. They come up with a posting strategy and share their content consistently across platforms. They diligently respond to all comments and questions…and then they give up when they don’t see the number of likes, comments, and followers they expected.

Even if you do everything “right,” the numbers won’t necessarily reflect your effort. The good news is that these kinds of vanity metrics don’t really matter.

Building a brand isn’t about having a perfect aesthetic or an Instagram feed that looks like an art gallery.

It’s about building a community that shows up because of the value you bring. Community building takes real time — and the only way to do it successfully is to keep going.

Gary Vayner - Chairman - VaynerX

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