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Bridges of Bytes: A Poem on Digital Literacy

Bridges of Bytes: A Poem on Digital Literacy

In a world woven with wires and waves,
A digital dance of ones and zeroes plays.
Yet across this vast, vibrant net,
Some find the strands of access unmet.

Bridges of Bytes, we aim to build,
Where knowledge flows and minds are filled.
From bustling cities to quiet town streets,
Equal access for all, our hearts beat.

With gentle keystrokes, the doors swing wide,
To a universe where knowledge and chance reside.
For the young, the old, the in-between,
No soul left behind the computer screen.

We gather in halls, we connect online,
In workshops where hands and futures align.
Learning to navigate, to click, to scroll,
Empowering each heart, each mind, each soul.

Partners in tech bring tools to our hands,
While leaders in policy weave fair internet strands.
Each byte of support, each lesson imbued,
Strengthens the community, fortitude renewed.

Join us in this quest, a call to action clear,
Volunteer, donate, or simply lend an ear.
For in the grand web of this digital expanse,
Together we'll ensure everyone gets the chance.

Through the gates of the digital realm we peer,
A future of inclusion drawing ever near.
With every connection, every line that we cast,
Builds a bridge to the future, firm and vast.

So let’s weave this network, strong and wide,
Where every last soul can join the ride.
In the digital age, as we all partake,
Let’s light up every path we make.

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